Rohit Malekar

November 1, 2021

Porting Over to Obsidian

UPDATE – I am consolidating all my writings on Obsidian Publish and have stopped updating this blog. You can check out my online “notebook” here.
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October 3, 2021

Potential Perils of Web 3.0 Communities

I am convinced Web 3.0-driven decentralized communities will be fairer in more ways than any social platform of yesteryears. However, I also think that when you confer the tools to the individual to be at par with a sovereign, along with our best, our worst will amplify too. The potential of most communities, online or otherwise, will ...
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September 22, 2021

Most Challenging Work Experience

My wife and I had our firstborn in 2014 when we were based out of the Bay Area. After a 6 year stint in Deloitte Consulting, I decided to take a break from a traveling job. I joined a technology startup, Medallia, in Palo Alto soon after. Now publicly listed with a 5 billion dollar market cap and soon to be going private again, it was ...
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August 24, 2021

The Most Android Human

(The following was an assignment as part of a writing workshop to author a self-portrait in the third person, without using any adverbs, adjectives, and words with more than two syllables. Here's my fledgling attempt at self-deprecation in the form of an obituary from my wife's POV that she would read aloud to friends and family.) For ...
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August 18, 2021

A Story of a Note, a SAFE, and a KISS

This is a fictitious narrative without numbers and formulae between an investor and an early-stage startup founder. It discusses basic concepts of convertible notes, simple agreement for future equity (SAFE) and keep it simple security (KISS). The real-world conversations are a lot more nuanced and include complexities for events such ...
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August 14, 2021

If You Aren't Content Without it, You Won't be Content With it

If you aren't content today without what you chase, you won't be content tomorrow in spite of having it. How can I be content when I don't have what I seek? The source of discontent is often not the absence of what you seek. “It is the inability to accept your present. ” This is also why what we seek is often an ever-changing goal post...
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August 8, 2021

Don't Ignore the Fascists, They Won't Ignore You

This flyer was distributed at a rally at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on August 8th, 2021. It carries genocidal hate content in Hindi against Islam. You may read the entire report here. ““Hindu groups always protest against Muslims which shows their cowardice. They stay within constitutional and legal limits. This is possibly because Hin...
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July 31, 2021

The Irony of "I"

Ever since we are born, we are wrapped in layers of labels to identify ourselves. My name, my roots, my family, I am good enough at this, I am not good enough for that, my purpose...the list is endless. Most Eastern philosophies suggest that one has to leave behind the many labels we create for ourselves to see the world as is. Trying ...
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July 17, 2021

The Conformity Trap

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels And the people in the houses all went to the university Where they all were put in boxes Little boxes all the same And there's doctors and there's lawyers And business executives And they're all made out of ticky tacky And they all look just the same This is from the song "Little Boxes" writ...
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July 8, 2021

The Creator's Paradox: Unsolicited Serendipities

(Photo by Sergey "Merlin" Katyshkin from Pexels) How do ideas originate? As a creator, can you think of the last time an original idea flashed in the inner eye of your mind? It must have felt like a spontaneous spark out of nowhere. Are you always able to explain how you arrived at it? Have you ever felt that moment to be so abstract t...
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