Saif Ali Shaik

August 29, 2021

When I took my parents to my workplace

Living hundreds of kilometers away from home is something I've gotten used to within a few months after moving to Chennai. Parents. They don't really get a chance to sit side by side in class to see me interacting with friends, classmates, or situations. The ones who raised me over two decades can only picture what day-to-day looks and feels like.  

All this while, when I say,

  • I went to mess and have lunch with my friends.
  • I don't get cell phone signals in my hostel room.
  • I wrote an exam, and I scored in A, B, C subjects.
  • My hostel food is terrible.
  • I had fried rice, noodles, or pizzas.
  • I took a local train from A to B and then a share auto to reach the hostel.

My parents can imagine what I say. They are aware of what I am talking about and suggest ideas that are best to their knowledge.

My father runs a footwear store over the last two decades, although he understands software. He built one for his business. He never witnessed what a software company or culture looks and feels like. Neither does anyone in my family. For my mom, anything is fine as long as I seem too comfortable. My brother, probably getting started within the IT industry.

But if I were to have conversations about work or the workplace, I knew they might not be able to imagine it because they did not witness one before.

  1. Going to the cafeteria in the office for them is going to roadside canteen to have idli.
  2. Giving a presentation in the office for them pictures like holding a mic and giving an Independence day speech in school.
  3. Having office food for them is better quality hostel food that they tasted in college.

I decided I will take my parents to my workplace. It's lovely my company allows it.

On the steps.jpeg

They began to notice how high the ceiling was, followed by the air conditioning level that exists. As I took my parents to open steps like seating, the closest remark for them to compare is auditoriums those exist is few top colleges from their knowledge.


So I took them to my cubicle. It's the first time my parents could make sense of cubicles and what it feels like when seated. The picture of them was some internet cafe where people used to pay Rs 15 for an Hour those days. Amazed by how well it allows me to work comfortably.

Meeting room.jpeg

I got them into a small meeting room and said this where people here discuss ideas. For them, it was most relaxing 10 mins after looking around the office and wondering about how some plants actually grow at some desks. They were amazed by how some employees decorated their desks so that it's feels happier.


Then I asked my dad to play golf. I suppose this is the first time he used a golf bat and was comparing it to movies. Looking at the gym and cafeteria, he wondered how one could literally start living in an office.

presentation hall.jpeg

I told them this is where our Aspirations / Quarterly goals meetings used to happen. Then they began to ask questions about what they are and got curious about how work really works at the workplace! That is my whole idea. Generate curiosity and give imagination!

Next time we have conversations about the work that concerns my parents, they very well know what I might be talking about or either know by asking questions. I don't want my parents to blindly believe I'm living a peaceful life but want to picture it perfectly.