Saif Ali Shaik

November 28, 2021

The Routine

I stayed about ~ 4 months alone in a single flat in Chennai when the government imposed COVID travel restrictions. It was easy in the beginning until my first 45 days. Most of all, it helped me become a more independent thinker. Today, I wanted to talk about the last 45 days at home and my transition back to work from the office. Being...
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October 20, 2021

Toxic Legalse & CX — Zolo Stays and Walnut

A few months ago, I started reading a book — Tools and Weapons. I don't remember how I started reading this book. Brad Smith, Chief Legal Officer at Microsoft, wrote this book. Curious about our legal works in the tech industry, I started reading this book. I still haven't completed it. But this book has shaped a perspective that helpe...
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October 10, 2021

I only knew direction, not destination

By default, people often as us - What do you want to become when you grow up? Maybe that moment when we were a kid. The teacher comes in and asks us this question. I quickly said something I don't even clearly remember - an electrician? An engineer? The same question is in different ways as we grow. More general question one should ask...
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August 29, 2021

When I took my parents to my workplace

Living hundreds of kilometers away from home is something I've gotten used to within a few months after moving to Chennai. Parents. They don't really get a chance to sit side by side in class to see me interacting with friends, classmates, or situations. The ones who raised me over two decades can only picture what day-to-day looks and...
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August 21, 2021

Learning from mistakes is overrated

I read that failure is the stepping stone to success before even I know what loss is or what success is. I remember first reading this statement somewhere in a classmate's notebook and then on a wall at my school. I never thought about it until the next exam, and I got lower marks than my expectations. I somehow perceived it as a failu...
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July 25, 2021

Independent? Then there's Interdependence.

My whole life, I developed this lousy paradigm to become as independent as possible. We feel restrained to do a lot of things from a very young age. • If I need to buy a new bag, I need to ask my parents for it. • If I need to go on a holiday trip, I need to seek permission for it. • If I need money, I need to request it. • If I need t...
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July 11, 2021

The Curl-Hand Org Culture

Every single person in the world will want to live a better life as they leave the planet than with the life they were born. After the world adopted the currency culture, it incentivizes every person to build and make almost anything that makes the world better. • If person A sings a song and person B enjoys it, the currency culture al...
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July 4, 2021

Next phase of fame

I have always wondered how people in business like Elon Musk became celebrities. In the early days, rulers of kingdoms used to be celebrities. They were recognized for their discipline, bravery, and commitment to serve their people. At the beginning of the industrial revolution, it's the inventors who were celebrities. They were recogn...
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June 13, 2021

Be selfish on what matters

Over 2.5 years since I graduated from my college, there are only a few close friends with whom I could keep in touch every week (Despite every little effort I put in). Sometimes conversations with these friends end up accusing me of being selfish in my college days except my closest ones. In a fun way. :) So I began to comprehend how I...
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May 15, 2021

Switching companies for just compensation raise is bad career strategy

For the first time in my life, my inbox saw 12 recruiters knocking on the door to initiate a conversation offering better pay and job role withinllast two weeks. These companies ranging from SaaS companies to Blockchain space. Never did I think, I needed to save a template email to nicely say I am not looking for a career switch at my ...
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