Saif Ali Shaik

October 10, 2021

I only knew direction, not destination

By default, people often as us - What do you want to become when you grow up?

Maybe that moment when we were a kid. The teacher comes in and asks us this question. I quickly said something I don't even clearly remember - an electrician? An engineer? The same question is in different ways as we grow.

More general question one should ask - What professions do you know, and what parts of it are you curious about them?

I would have told the electrician to work with wires, motherboard, chips, and current flow. An Engineer because I could work with assembling PCs, creating games of my imagination. The elements that contribute to my curiosity should have been my focus. Luckily, I unconsciously took these elements as a source to make my decisions.

In school, I was fond of computers. I believe (that time) computer science engineering requires me to take up Maths, Physics & Chemistry in +1 and +2. So I took them up.

Among the 12 entrance exams, I wrote for a seat in computer science degree in 12 engineering colleges and universities. It turned out only Sathyabama University gave promised me computer science engineering.

I figured alongside understanding computers, and I also did little better in thinking strategically, organizing things, and being driven by sharing knowledge. I pursued it.

Like anyone else, I go on to face the turmoil of placement season for job opportunities. While some took what they got, and others took what they thought was best amongst the rest. I did not take any because none of them gave me an image of what I would be doing daily. It was always just a CTC that showed up on the job adverts within the campus. I did not take up any.

From what I know and the skills I am strong at, I intern at Udacity. Eventually, I list a couple of things I CAN do and a couple of things I WANT to do. I found a mix of these items in my current role, which I started as an intern at Freshworks.

It's the Mentee-Mentor relationship that kept me going. I lost focus along the way. I rebounded.

There are no good or bad decisions.

There are only well-informed and ill-informed decisions.

It's OK to not to know the destination.