Sam Radford

December 3, 2021

A healthy dose of not a lot

I didn’t use as much annual leave as expected earlier this year. It’s left me with five days I need to use before the year-end. Sadly, family responsibilities meant travelling somewhere exciting wasn’t an option. So I’ve decided to work four-day weeks for the rest of the year.

Today is my second Friday off. And today is the second Friday running of staying home, not doing a lot.

It’s wonderful!

I’ve sat on my sofa, snuggled under a warm blanket, and done nothing but read, watch movies, write, and drink tea.

It’s been exactly what I’ve needed.

My wife doesn’t understand why I’ve not filled my time with outings or people. But for me, this spending of my time is time spent perfectly.

I can highly recommend a healthy dose of not a lot!


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