Sam Radford

December 4, 2022

Are you energising or draining the people around you?

What is your impact on others? Are the people you interact with better off from their being around you, or worse? Do you elevate the people you interact with, or bring them down? When you’re with others do they end up being more-than they would or could have been, or less-than? Are those around you energised or drained by your presence?

Every encounter with friends, family, or colleagues is an opportunity to make a difference; we can bring positive energy that elevates or negative energy that undermines. 

When I used to get the bus into work, I always enjoyed it when it was a particular bus driver. There was just something about him. The manner of his interactions always left me feeling uplifted. He might only be saying, “good morning”, but the way he said it made all the difference. Genuinely, he gave a boost to the start of my day. Every encounter with him was addition.

I want to be that sort of person. Whether I’m on a Teams call with colleagues, or at the pub with friends, I want the people I spend time with to be uplifted by the interactions they have with me.

This doesn’t mean hard or serious conversations can’t be had. It’s not about being the joker. But, no matter the conversation, we can bring energy and positivity to it. That’s a choice that’s in our power. And it’s a gift to those around us.

I have two friends in particular who I love spending time with. Why? They bring out my best self when I’m with them. Their energy and positivity elevates my energy and positivity. Being the kind of person who’s presence lifts those around us brings everyone up.


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