Sam Radford

May 17, 2021

Back in the groove

It’s good to be be back after a week away from blogging, social media, news, and my usual daily workouts!

Last week was the first of what I’m calling a ’sabbath’ or rest week that I’m going to take every seven weeks. Give myself a chance to reset, refresh, replenish, and get reinvigorated.

Which is exactly how I feel after this last week.

Giving my creative mind a break from writing here five days a week was exactly what I needed. I wasn’t running dry. But it gave me a chance to step back. Made me realise how little space I give myself to step back in many areas of my life!

And stepping away from social media and news for the week was bliss. Didn’t miss either of them. At all. Frees up so much time when you’re not on Twitter, Instagram, and a news app every spare minute.

It felt good giving my body a break from the usual morning workouts too. Unlike social media and news though, I was looking forward to getting back to that today. 

Same for my writing. I’m glad to be back at it.

One of my worries about stepping away from well-established habits for a week, was that I’d jeopardise those habits. Would I be able to get back into the routines I’ve worked hard on forming this last year? 

It’s too soon to say for certain, but based on how I’ve felt about both working out and writing today, I don’t think it’s going to be a problem.

In fact, longer term, I think it’ll be a good thing. If we are too rigid with our habits, they can become susceptible to when life throws a curveball. Our routine gets broken by an emergency, and the habit goes out the window. By instilling more flexibility to my habits, they will be able to withstand those times when a regimen gets disrupted. 

So yes, I’m feeling good and looking forward to returning to sharing some of what I’ve been reading and learning.


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