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October 21, 2021

Book Notes: ‘Spook Street’ by Mick Herron

I finished reading book four of Mick Heron’s Slough House spy series of novels yesterday. The fact I’ve read four of them tells it’s own story. I love them.

I’ve actually listened to the last two novels. Seán Barrett’s narration is pitch perfect; he captures the characters completely. 

There’s something delightfully gritty about these London-based stories. The way the main characters are forgotten has-beens is powerful and effective. Their deep flaws are a big part of what makes the stories so captivating. 

Some are quick to declare Heron ‘the next John le Carré’. There is a particular style to the Slough House books though that is unique, despite being novels about spys. I enjoy the dark, witty, and sharp edge to these books. Comparisons to other authors feel lazy and unnecessary. 

Though ‘Spook Street’ is the fourth of – now – seven novels, none of these come across like they’re being churned out. There’s familiarity – but in a good way. If you’re looking for a series of books to get into, you won’t go far wrong with these.

I’m also looking forward to the TV adaption, starring Gary Oldman, that’s coming soon. Apple TV+ are currently turning the first two books into two six-part series. Should be good!


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