Sam Radford

March 23, 2021

Book Notes: “The Catch” by T.M. Logan

I’ve been struggling to keep my fiction reading pile stocked up lately. I’m not sure why, but whenever I do some hunting around, little is seizing my attention.

Thankfully, my friend Claire came to the rescue last week. She recommended The Catch.

As soon as I saw it, it looked exactly the kind of quick, easy read I was after.

(I enjoy ‘heavier’ fiction reads too. But I like to break things up with something light that doesn’t demand much of me. It’s no doubt why I’ve always appreciated John Grisham!)

The Catch grabbed me as soon as I started reading it. Page turner is a huge understatement. I started it at tea-time on Friday and finished it at just gone midnight!

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book so quickly.

The book is about a couple whose daughter introduces them to a man she’s been dating on the same day she informs them they’re getting married. And everything about the guy seems perfect. The mum (and grandma) think he’s a real – you guessed it – catch. For some reason though, the father, Ed, can’t help but feel that something is off.

When their love-struck daughter announces their plans are to get married in a mere few weeks, Ed realises he doesn’t have long to find out if his doubts are legitimate.

And that’s the launch pad for this gripping thriller.

If you’re after a good, enthralling page-turner, this fits the bill perfectly. The twists and turns leave you unable to stop flipping the pages, eager to find out where it‘s headed – even if you have a good sense of where that might be.

I enjoyed it.

What fiction have you been reading recently that you’d recommend? As I said at the start of this post, my fiction reading pile is, well, not much of a pile right now. Do let me know what’s been captivating you.