Sam Radford

December 24, 2023

Disassociating from Substack

I’ve deleted my Substack account – here’s why

Long-term readers of my blog will perhaps be aware I have used Substack in the past to share my writing. 

I moved away from it earlier this year as it became too spammy for my liking. Any time someone wanted to subscribe to my writing, they suffered a barrage of other marketing that felt like an unwarranted nuisance. 

So, I returned to HEY World. Here it’s as simple as writing an email to share my words with the world. There’s no spam. There’s no analytics. There’s no distractions. 

This decision was further justified this week when Substack made clear they are happy to not only host Nazi content, but profit from it too. And I don’t want anything to do with that. 

Accordingly, I’ve now deleted my Substack account completely. (I’d kept it to follow other writers via their app.) In order to not lose touch with those writers, I’ve subscribed to their RSS feeds. But I’ll no longer be using the app or maintaining an account with a company that amounts to being Nazi sympathisers.


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