Sam Radford

November 29, 2021

Don't just be an ideas person

There’s something in our wiring as humans that causes us to get caught up with the idea of something over the reality of it.

We have this incredible notion for a new business or product, but never get around to creating anything. 

We want to get fit, but we never take the exercise class or go to the gym.

We want to become a reader, yet Netflix always wins out when it comes to our free time.

And yet, at certain moments, we can become enraptured by a possibility, a dream, or an idea. We spend hours thinking about. Talking about it. But we never move to taking the steps to turn that possibility into something. 

When we hear about someone else’s business idea that’s super successful, we tell our friends, “I thought of doing that years ago”. But an idea is never enough. We have to act.

There is always something thrilling about being caught up in a new idea. Our thoughts are consumed by the possibility. But at some point, if we want more than a fantasy, we have to build something. We have to take steps that move an idea forward.


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