Sam Radford

October 19, 2021

Don’t resist life’s seasons

Life is full of seasons. Here in England, we’re deep into the transition away from summer and into autumn. But our individual lives have seasons too. Nothing stays the same for long. 

When our daughters were young, my wife and I had a mantra for the various (trying) stages kids go through. ‘It’s just a season,’ or ‘it’s only a stage,’ we’d tell each other. And it’s true. It’s true of the hard things in life we wish would pass quicker. But it’s also true of the great things we experience we hope would never pass. 

Life keeps moving forward, one season after another. Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason why something that flourished in a previous season is suddenly devoid of all life. But it happens. And it’s normal. The sooner we learn to embrace life’s seasons, the more content we’ll be. 

I’ve been thinking about this with my book reading. I’ve been struggling to read non-fiction lately. Don’t know why – the motivation just isn’t there. For a while, I’ve been tempted to beat myself up as I want to be someone who is always learning and growing through the books I read. But, instead, I’m accepting that, it’s a season. I can enjoy fiction for a while. It’s a season!

Seasons are to be enjoyed, not resisted!


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