Sam Radford

October 4, 2021

Guard the good treasure entrusted to you

I read a letter recently, written several thousand years ago, from a master to his apprentice. 

The author included the line that titles this post: guard the good treasure entrusted to you.

He’s talking about the gifts the apprentice has. 

Earlier in the same letter, he writes about, ‘rekindl[ing] the gift of God that is within you’.

Guard the treasure. Rekindle the gift.

In other words: don’t waste what you’ve been given!

All of us have something that makes us us. We have strengths and talents, skills and abilities. These are our gifts. Our treasure.

I love that word treasure.

What if we saw ourselves that way? As worthy of treasuring?

That’s the truth. We all have something worth treasuring. And, sadly, we may well have let some of that treasure get forgotten or buried. Hence the need to remind ourselves of who we are and rekindle that gift. The world needs all of us offering all we have got – that’s how we make the world a better place.


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