Sam Radford

January 7, 2022

More and less

Happy New Year!

I’ve given up on wishing people a year that’s better than the last. There’s never any guarantees. And, let’s be honest, it’s already off to a rocky start.

I do wish you all a year that’s filled with peace and joy though.

Peace that transcends whatever circumstances come your way.

And joy that upholds you no matter the challenges you may face. 

Much of life is outside of our control, but joy and peace are like an eternal well within us that we can draw upon at any time, in any place.


Like for most of you, the new year has had me pondering any goals or ambitions or hopes for the year ahead.

I’ve never been one for resolutions—if a good choice needs to be made to make your life better, just do it!

That said, a new year does provide an opportune moment for reflection. 

This year I’ve found myself exploring a very simple question:

What do I want more of and what do I want less of in 2022?

And I’m not creating any absolute goals around this. Just a few simple things I want to be able to keep in mind as I traverse whatever this year delivers.

Some examples:

More reading.
Less television.
More quality time with friends.
More writing.
Less social media.
More shared experiences as a family.

What about you? What do you want more and less of in 2022?


Got some thoughts on this? I’d love to hear from you—do hit reply or drop me a note.

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