Sam Radford

February 11, 2022

Never stop learning

Though I haven’t studied in an official capacity for years, that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped learning.

In fact, I’m more committed to learning and growing now than at any point in my life. 


I enjoy learning new things! It’s as simple as that. I’m curious and I like discovering more—particularly if it’s connected to humans and how we live, breathe, behave, and function. 

But I know it’s good for me too. Remaining open to learning means I remain open to having present beliefs and views challenged. Which is important.

If I hold the same viewpoint and outlook that I did five or ten years ago, that’s a sign that something has gone wrong. We should be a constant state of evolution. 

That’s not to say that some things won’t remain, that some values aren’t stable. Far from it—roots are important. But we have to keep growing. And sometimes that means leaving previously cherished perspectives behind. Positions we once held are cast off because new learning has opened the door for new growth and ways of seeing. 

I don’t want to ever lose this. I hope to still be learning and growing and having my mind changed when I’m 90.

The science indicates too that, keeping my mind engaged like this will go some way to helping me reach 90. And in a good mental state. Yet another reason to not stop learning!


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