Sam Radford

June 3, 2021

Nothing and everything

I’ve shared an entry from Rebecca Toh’s blog before. And I love another recent post of hers titled A beautiful life.

I’ll include a few lines below, but you should go and read the whole piece:

A beautiful picture of your life isn’t the same as a beautiful life…

…A beautiful life is one lived awake, or one lived trying to be awake…

…A beautiful life is beautiful despite cancer, business failures, the loss of a marriage, financial mistakes…

…A beautiful life is knowing you are nothing and everything…

I appreciated that reminder in the last line I’ve quoted particularly: you are nothing and everything.

There is such freedom and life found in the place of knowing both that your life matters and that you are just, well, matter.

Personally, I find solace in the ancient Scriptures that remind me of a God who knows the numbers of hairs on my head and tells me that I am dust and will return to said dust.

Life starts to fall apart when we focus on one of these truths over and above the other.

A beautiful life is lived in the harmony between the two truths. It’s not either-or, it’s both-and.


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