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November 15, 2021

Reading about writing

Once or twice a year, I pick up a book about writing. It’s not always a new book – On Writing Well is one book I go back to again and again – but I like to take time on a regular basis to think about my written words. 

This last week, I’ve been reading a book that is new to me. It’s called Several short sentences about writing, written by Verylyn Klinkenborg. 

I like reading about writing because it forces me to take a step back from the words I write. All too easily I end up in a default mode with my writing. I stop thinking; I put one word after another, one sentence after another, all without so much as a second thought.

As someone who wants to improve my writing, I have to force myself out of this passive posture. And books about writing and writing well are one way I do this.

It helps me see my words through a new filter. It doesn’t instantly transform me into a great writer. But it does make me a more thoughtful, reflective writer. 

Though we may not all write books, or even blog posts, we do all spend a lot of our time writing. Emails, Slack posts, texts – it’s all written word. And because we’re all writers, we would all benefit from taking a moment every so often to reflect on and improve how we write. Everyone wins when we write better!

As to Several short sentences about writing, this has joined my list of books about writing that I keep referring back to. Some wonderful and helpful insights!


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