Sam Radford

July 23, 2021

Seven types of rest

I came across an article on the TED website this week about rest. 

It’s easy to think of rest as something singular. And, not only that, something we merge with sleep.

But we’ve all experienced those times when, despite a good night of sleep, or a decent period of what we thought was rest, we don’t feel rested at all.

Why is that?

It’s because we need to be aware of the various types of rest and learn to recognise what we need the most.

I’ll list the seven types of rest Saundra Dalton-Smith shares in her article. But click through to the full piece for a full breakdown of what these look like.

Here are the seven types of rest Dalton-Smith identifies:

  1. Physical rest
  2. Mental rest
  3. Sensory rest
  4. Creative rest
  5. Emotional rest
  6. Social rest
  7. Spiritual rest

Glancing at the list is enough to help instantly see that there’s some of those I’m better at than others. 

But it’s helpful to have that framework to reflect on my life and get better at recognising the type of rest I need at any given time.


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