Sam Radford

July 13, 2021

The death throes of masculine power

I’m reading Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul by John Philip Newell at the moment. It came out last week and is an exploration of Celtic wisdom and what we can learn from various Celtic teachers through the ages.

Two chapters in and I’m loving it. I’ll write a ‘Book Notes’ post once I’ve finished it. But this, from chapter two, entitled ’Sacred feminine’, had me immediately wanting to share it:

We live in a threshold moment. We are waking up to the earth again. We are awakening to the feminine and the desire to faithfully tend the interrelationship of all things. In this moment, politically, culturally, and religiously, we are witnessing the death throes of a shadow form of masculine power that has arrayed itself over against the earth and over against the sacredness of the feminine. This shadow form of power, however, has no ultimate future, for it is essentially false in its betrayal of the earth and the feminine. So in fear it is lashing out with unprecedented force. But it is not the deep spirit of this moment in time. Something else is trying to be born.

This feels so true. And the, ’so in fear it is lashing out with unprecedented force,’ seems to capture perfectly the pain and frustration of this ’threshold moment’.

Many of us have embraced this transition. We’re ready for it. Yet plenty of others are not yet ready to give up control. They’re fighting back. And it can feel like progress isn’t happening; that we’re taking backwards steps even. But this is a reminder: something else is trying to be born.

Now is not the time to stop pushing. It’s more important than ever. We mustn’t give up.


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