Sam Radford

May 27, 2021

The me you can’t see

I watched the first couple of episodes of The Me You Can’t See on Apple TV+ this week. 

What a powerful series this is shaping up to be. 

Forget the headlines about Prince Harry you may have seen. There’s a depth and richness to this documentary series on mental health and well-being that goes beyond the tabloid news stories. 

Though I’m no expert on mental health, I consider myself at least somewhat aware. But I’ve found many of the conversations with the various people in the series eye-opening and moving in ways beyond what I expected. 

The description for the series, in its own words, ‘features illuminating stories from across the globe, giving us the opportunity to seek truth, understanding, and a newfound hope for the future.’ 

And that captures it perfectly.

I feel like, just two episodes in, I have a truer, fuller perspective on the challenges so many of us face. But that it’s not without hope.

And yes, of course, hearing Prince Harry talk so openly is fascinating (regardless of your take on it). But it’s not about Harry. Or Oprah. It’s about all of us. And creating a culture that is way more literate about mental health; more generous, supportive, kind, and understanding. This show feels like a poignant addition to the conversation.


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