Sam Radford

September 14, 2021

The thief of happiness

To compare yourself and your results against anyone is probably like the thief of happiness.
—Emma Raducanu

I came across the above quote in an article on the BBC website a couple of days prior to Emma Raducanu’s remarkable win in US Open tennis final in New York.

Reading that, it becomes even harder to believe she’s just 18 years old!

I hope she can retain that perspective now the global spotlight is on her 24/7.

Because she’s one hundred percent right. Each of us are on our own journey and all the joy of our own journey will be sucked away if we squander our time comparing ourselves to others. 

There’s literally no point. Be who you are. Enjoy your journey – and whatever stage of the journey you’re at.

Don’t let anything steal away the happiness that can only come from committing to being you.


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