Sam Radford

March 16, 2021

The things I’m most looking forward to after Covid

Here in the UK, we’re approaching the anniversary of our first Covid-induced lockdown. And we’re currently taking tentative steps towards coming out of our third and, hopefully, last.

Though the government keep telling us it is about ‘data not dates’, they have laid out a series of dates from now until June for granting greater freedoms.

If all goes to plan, by the end of June we’ll be out and about as we were before this all started.

But I refuse to place too much hope in things that are out of our control; there’s a lot that could still go wrong in the coming months. Inevitably though, I have begun to think about the things I’m most looking forward to once the worst of this is over.

Live theatre is high on the list. This came home at the weekend when we watched a fabulous live, streamed theatre performance of The Color Purple. It wasn’t the same as being there. And the lack of audience applause at key moments felt particularly stark. But it was a poignant reminder of how much joy and wonder I experience watching live theatre. I can’t wait to be back.

I should probably have put this first, but seeing family who we haven’t seen for so long will be wonderful. Whether we feel the same once we’re actually with them again is a whole other story! But, in theory, it’ll be great to be together again! 😉 In fact, we’ve made the decision to avoid any international travel this summer, even if it is possible. It’s not like we’re short on time spent together as a family of four this last year! So using our annual leave to visit family and friends we’ve missed feels like a better use of that time.

Eating out again will be such a luxury when we can do that once more. We’ve done our fair share of takeaways, including from nice restaurants. But it’s not the same. Sitting in another environment, being waited on, not having to clear up, quality time, great food and drink – it can't happen soon enough!

Having reasons to get dressed up again will be such a novelty as well. We’ve done our fair share of in-home date nights where we’ve dressed up this last year, but it doesn’t compare. Dressing up for the theatre, or a meal out will be a treat.

One of my favourite things to do once or twice a year is to go away for the weekend, child-free, with my wife, Rachel. Most winters we try and do a weekend in London, see the Christmas lights, go to a few West End shows, eat out lots. Basically, most of the above, in a single weekend! It’ll be delightful to be able to do that again.

Those of you who know me know I’m a life-long Leicester Tigers fan. I try and get to one or two games each season, often taking the girls with me. Being part of a crowd of 20,000+ cheering fans again will be amazing. Especially, as we look like we’re shaping up to be a half-decent team again!

And then it’s all the little things. Having people in our house again! Making someone other than my wife a cup of tea in our kitchen! Meals with friends. Kids playing together with their friends. Trips to the cinema. We’ve missed out on so much. I can’t wait for the return to some normality.

What about you? What are the things you’re most looking forward to once we’re over the worst of Covid? Let me know.