Sam Radford

May 21, 2021

TV shows I’ve been enjoying recently

It’s Friday. It’s nearly the weekend. So here’s something a little lighter for today’s post.

I thought I’d share some of my favourite TV shows I’ve been watching lately.

I’ll start with ‘Roadkill’. This is a BBC political drama starring Hugh Laurie. It’s four one hour episodes. And – confession time – I watched them all last night!

It’s ages since I binged a TV show like that. I’ve been a one or two episodes at a time person for years now. But I guess it grabbed me and I couldn’t stop. I loved it. Fascinating portrayal of the murky world of British politics and the clash between public and private life.

Here’s a few other shows, in no particular order, I’ve been watching too:

Mythic Quest – I was late to this comedy on Apple TV+ but it’s brilliant. It’s based around a company that develops a major console game, and all the dynamics of office politics. Exaggerated but you’ll find resonance!

Riviera – This is a drama from Sky starring Julia Stiles. Into its third season now and I’ve liked them all. She’s an art curator who ends up involved with all the wrong people. Setting is stunning and the storyline engaging.

For All Mankind – This Apple TV+ series dramatises an alternate history of the space race, where the Soviet Union succeeds in beating United States to the first Moon landing. Very well made. Clever storylines that come together brilliantly. I’ve recently finished season two, and it was even better than the first.

The Mosquito Coast – Another Apple TV+ drama, staring Justin Theroux. It’s based on the book of the same name written by his uncle. Only four episodes into this but it’s gripping, tense, and unpredictable. Tells the story of a quixotic inventor, discontent with the corruption of the western world, uprooting his family to Latin America and a dangerous quest through Mexico to flee the U.S. government in pursuit of safety.

Between the Covers – A TV show all about books! What’s not to like? This BBC show is just back for its second season, presented by Sara Cox, with four new guests each week bringing a personal book favourite and discussing two other picks. I come away with at least one new book for my wish list each episode!

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers – This is a Disney+ TV remake of the nineties movie. I’ve been watching it with my 12 year-old, and we’re both loving it. Fun, sports-based show but with all the drama of teenagers trying to figure life out, become a team, etc.

Big Shot – Another show I’m watching with my 12 year-old. This new Disney+ show tells the story of a famous basketball coach who rose to the top before throwing it all away in a moment of anger. His way back to rebuild his career is becoming the basketball coach at a private girls school in California. It’s more than he bargained for. And the team dynamics, his relationship with his own teenage daughter, and his struggles to fit in with other teaching staff all add up to a fun, captivating watch.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – I love my Marvel films and shows and this recent Disney+ release made for compelling watching.

Trying – This is a British comedy on Apple TV+ that tells the story of a couple, unable to have children, going through the process of adoption. Poignant and funny in equal measure. Looking forward to season two that’s out today.

Dickinson – This is undeniably a quirky show. But I love it! There’s been two seasons (Apple TV+) now and they’ve both been delightful. It’s a modernised portrayal of the poet Emily Dickinson that, as someone who struggles with poetry, I’ve found wonderful.

Wandavision – Another new TV series from Marvel on Disney+ that felt quite unlike anything I’d seen before. If you’re into Marvel, it’s well worth a watch, starring the characters Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch and Vision. Half hour episodes worked well for this too.

Parks and Recreation – This is a comedy on Amazon Prime my wife and I have been making our way through for several years now. It’s very easy to dip into and yet each of the 20 minute episodes will reliably give you numerous laugh out loud moments. If you like your office setting for a comedy and haven’t seen this yet, do check it out.

Ted Lasso – This is definitely a case of saving the best until last. And probably Apple TV+’s biggest hit since launch. Everything about this comedy shouldn’t work. An American coming to England to coach a Premier League football team (with zero experience) should be farcical. And in some ways it is. But there’s just something magical about Ted Lasso and the effect he has on everyone around him. Not to be missed.

What have you been watching recently? I’d love your recommendations – do hit reply or drop me a note.