Sam Radford

August 27, 2021

‘We have become flesh and blood billboards’

Om Malik’s latest blog post on how humans today engage with one another is worth sharing in full:

Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn: that is now part of our daily vernacular. Did you see my TikTok or read my Tweet? We don’t interact. We transact.

Read the papers, and you will quickly learn that everyone is an influencer or wants to be one. What is an influencer? Someone who influences someone else to do something online that eventually ends in a transaction — a follow, a share, or a commercial transaction. We hate advertisements, and yet we have become flesh and blood billboards.

Our constant interaction on and with social media platforms has trained us into a hyper-transactional society.

This rings all too true. What a damning indictment on the state of our world. It’s all so soulless. If this is what ‘living my best life’ looks like, I want nothing to do with it.

We need a countercultural revolution!


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