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February 2, 2022

What would keep me alive?

My German friend, Armin Ruser, wrote a blog post this week reflecting on the writing of Victor Frankl about his time in Auschwitz. This in particular stood out:

When [Frankl] once fell ill with typhoid fever during his detention in the camp, he began to [re]write parts of [his confiscated book] manuscript on notes. According to his own statement, this seemingly small action led to his heart not giving up.

And this is the quote from Frankl that Armin highlights:

In the Nazi concentration camps, it was observed that those who were waiting for a task at home had the greatest chance of survival.

Having a meaningful task, it seems, can be the difference between life and death. 

As Armin goes on to say in his post:

When I read this, I wondered if I had something like that would keep me alive in a comparable situation.

What a provocative thought! 

Do I? What would keep me alive if faced with circumstances like that?


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