Sam Radford

September 30, 2021

When words don’t sync with reality

Writing or words not backed up by action will end up ringing hollow. Similarly, a person who only talks but does not practise ends up living a hollow existence. There is nothing at the core – no real substance – because the actions don’t match up to the intentions. 

So that is the danger of writing – when the words are out of sync from reality.

As someone who writes a lot, I appreciated this reminder from Rebecca Toh

Writing about good ideas, or things I intend to do, or healthy practices I hope to implement is easy. Embracing those ideas, turning intention into reality, and embodying healthy practices is where the work happens.

It’s okay, I think, to write about a future version of ourselves we want to become. But there’s also a need to look back; to capture the practices, and intentions, and ideas we have already brought to life in our lives.

Otherwise, like Rebecca says, it all ends up feeling and sounding rather hollow.


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