Sebastian Herold

April 29, 2021

Just wanna say thank you 😘

Thank's to all the coders, thinkers, and designers in the HEY team. You did an amazing job in decluttering my broken mail habit.

If you don't know about how they make Email lovable again give it a try. It's free for 14 days. After that, you pay a fair price for a productive mail tool that helps you stay sane. And you don't have to pay with the most valuable thing you have: your data. (*cough* Google mail *cough*)

There's another nice little feature that I'll have to get used to first: Microblogging with my mail address.

The page you're on right now isn't powered by a big, bloated content management system. You just send an email to from your HEY account. Boom, micro entry is done.

Let's see what use I can find for it. Maybe for things that are too long for Twitter but too short for a blog entry.

Anyway, have a great week! 🙋🏼‍♂️
– Sebastian

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