Stefan Wittwer

I make things.
I'm a founder, designer and developer from Switzerland.
March 13, 2022

A product is a collection of trade-offs

What differenciates one product from another? Can there ever be one objectively "best" product in a competitive market? I don't think so. There are inherent trade-offs in product design. You can make your product more feature-rich or easier to adopt and master. You can target your product for a broader market or you can have a more wel...
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November 1, 2021

Just start already

You ever had a great idea you never realised? Maybe it was an idea for a startup, a new product or just some exciting project you wanted to work on. Ask yourself, "What is the reason why you didn't see it through?". If it just wasn't of interest to you anymore, then great. Letting things go is healthy. But in a lot of cases, projects y...
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