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September 2, 2023

Tina S is back

After a hiatus of 7 years Tina Šetkić is back and uploaded on August 31 a new video in her YouTube channel Tina S, where she plays guitar in a band called Spin Twice. Tina Šetkić (born 7 April 1999) is a French guitarist specializing in covering solos of heavy metal bands and 'metalised' classical music including pieces from Beethoven,...
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August 16, 2023

HEY poll

Because I suspected that moving Hey to their own data center has made the app slower, I organized a small survey on Reddit. These are the results. Probably not scientifically justified, but it gives a good indication.
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July 29, 2023

Sinéad O’Connor

Heartfell tribute to Sinéad O’Conner by Kris Kristofferson. Rest in peace Sister Sinead.
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July 22, 2023

New Orleans 🎶

During my stay in New Orleans, May '23. @sullivantunes in Royal St.
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May 25, 2023

Tina Turner

‘Queen of Rock ‘n Roll’ Tina Turner (83) died. Just visited the Tina Turner museum in Brownsville a few days ago.
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April 20, 2023

Tandberg TL-5010

Recapped my '72 Tandberg TL-5010 speakers. Tandberg TL-5010 Tandberg TL-5010 w/o front Crossover filter - original Crossover filter - recapped
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April 16, 2023

Groningen 1919

Colorized film from Groningen, Netherlands from 1919.
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April 8, 2023

In de ban van Rian

Nederland kent Rian van Rijbroek als ‘cybercharlatan’. Toch heeft ze IT-miljonair Gerard Sanderink, voormalig CEO van computerbedrijf Centric en oud politicus en Willem Vermeend in haar macht. Wie is deze Rian van Rijbroek, waarom doet ze wat ze doet en hoe kan ze al zo lang haar gang gaan? In de podcast ‘In de ban van Rian’ zoekt Tuba...
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April 1, 2023

Vanderhall Venice

First time seeing this car. A Vanderhall Venice. Parked at Av. de Julio Iglesias, Marbella. Plus big yachts in the harbor of Puerto Banús. A place to be for the rich and famous, it seems.
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April 1, 2023

Fanny live on April 11th, 1972 in Cleveland, Ohio

Received from the US with a personal note from Alice de Buhr (drums).
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March 30, 2023

New stuff on HEY

Since their start in 2020, I regularly posted a list of new updates on HEY on EmailDiscussions. I have recollected them for my own reference here. • HEY for Work (business use). • Custom domains. • Send from an external email address using SMTP. • HEY World (personal blog). • Cover Art. • Recycling. • "See less" button in The Feed (col...
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March 26, 2023


Geïnteresseerd in historische kranten? In Delpher vind je miljoenen gedigitaliseerde teksten uit Nederlandse kranten, boeken en tijdschriften die je allemaal woord voor woord kunt doorzoeken.
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