Talia Levy

November 13, 2023

a phrase that brings me peace

“If it’s important, it’ll come back.”

I say this sentence to myself all the time, and it brings me a lot of peace.

This mindset is beneficial in situations where something didn’t happen in the moment you thought it would, causing you to dwell on it.

A common example of this is when we forget what we were going to say. Often, we get stuck on trying to remember that thought, leading us to lose out on the present moment. It’s fine to try to recall your words for a second, but dwelling on it for a long time is where it becomes a problem. Because now, it’s taking away from the current moment where you could be making new memories in conversation.

Forgetting what we were going to say also nags some of us more than others, so this mindset helps us know it’s fine to let it go because it’ll come back if it’s meant to.

Aside from not remembering what you were going to say, other scenarios where this mindset would be helpful are not getting the chance to tell someone something or not being able to follow through with certain plans you had set.

Looking at this mindset logically, it makes sense that if something were really that important, you would think or hear about it again in the future.

Looking at it spiritually too, it implies that things are meant to happen in the times they do. And that you shouldn’t get attached to a certain outcome at a specific time. Using our earlier example, it helps you let go by understanding your words weren’t meant to be said in that moment, but if they’re meant to be, you’ll remember and say them again later.

So don’t stress if something didn’t happen in the time you thought it would. If it’s important, it’ll come back.

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