Talia Levy

April 28, 2023

being at peace with yourself

Peace is the most important thing you could have in your life. It beats any level of money or success a person might attain. Many people think those things are most important or what will make a person happy, but I think someone’s peace is what surpasses all.

You could have a lot of money or success and still not have peace. And not feeling peace makes it hard to enjoy the things you have and feel good throughout your days.

On the flip side, if someone doesn't have much, but they do have peace, they're still able to feel good in their lives and happy with what they have.

Peace has the potential to create things like happiness and success, but prioritizing this aspect of your life will help everything else fall into place, much more seamlessly.

My peace is a non-negotiable for me. Because I know if I don’t feel at peace with myself—with my thoughts and who I am—the unsettlement would affect how much I enjoy all that I do.

Some people use the word happiness instead of peace. I see the word happiness as more of a feeling and peace as a state. You can feel happy and feel at peace. But you can also be sad and feel at peace. You can be tired and peaceful.

Peace to me is contentment. Peace to me is being comfortable with yourself, knowing yourself, and trusting yourself. It feels secure and unshakable.

I prioritize and heighten my feelings of peace by trusting in God and His plan. As I face everything in my life knowing that God is protecting and guiding, I feel a huge level of sureness that there is a plan for me.

I feel a sureness that the things I encounter in my life are meant to teach me and help me continue on my journey.

I prioritize my peace by being a good person and having a clear conscience. That’s why I try to avoid lying as much as possible. Having a clear conscience and knowing that it’s my goal to do good in the world, helps me move about my days feeling better and worrying less.

I’d rather be a good person and experience the peace that comes with it, than someone bad, deemed more successful by society, but lacking the stillness inside.

Finally, I prioritize my peace by making time for myself and to be alone with my own thoughts. Being comfortable with and learning more about myself, makes me more secure and confident. I learn what makes me feel happy and fulfilled, and I add more of it into my life.

I trust myself more, and I trust that I’ll care for and make time for myself. Because we’re the only ones who truly have ourselves at the end of the day, the feeling of being comfortable alone is unmatched. Practicing detachment in all aspects of life and knowing that I'm good by myself, adds to my peace.

Prioritizing your peace will reveal the people in your life who aren’t contributing positively to it. If people in our lives are negatively impacting our peace by bringing our energy down, making us do things we don’t want to, or putting limiting and insecure beliefs on us, prioritizing our peace will create the space to let them go and keep only the relationships in our lives that benefit us.

And peace is not something we find. We create our own peace. We protect it. I am in control over the ways I prioritize my peace, and I’m in control of distancing myself from those who don’t add to it.

Also, other people feel your peaceful energy radiating from you. You’re calm, you’re secure, and people are drawn to that. They find the calmness in themselves because of the calmness they feel in you. It attracts people to you and improves your relationships. Your peace improves the peace and lives of others.

Having peace is a wonderful feeling. You know you’re good and that you have yourself at the end of the day. For myself, I also know God has me at the end of the day.

Prioritizing my peace brings me an unexplainable level of stillness and contentment in my days. It helps me through difficult times, and I love and protect my peace. It’s security, it’s powerful, and an essential part of a person’s life.

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