Talia Levy

July 27, 2023

being disciplined

These mindsets I learned have helped me become more disciplined.

The first is that when choosing whether to take the route of discipline or not, know that there are negative consequences to both options. But only one option will get you to where you want to go.

Let’s say this is about waking up early. If you choose to do so and be disciplined (because it is your choice), the consequences are that it feels uncomfortable in the moment, and it may cause more tiredness throughout your day.

But say you choose to sleep in and lack that discipline. The consequences may be that you miss something important or don’t have as much time in the day to get finished what you’d have liked to.

In the podcast, Aware and Aggravated, Leo describes it as both options suck, but only one will get you to where you want to go. This was eye-opening for me and made a lot of sense. We usually associate the discipline option with the negative feelings, but they both, in fact, carry that association. And since only one helps you reach your goals, why not choose it?

The second mindset I’ve learned from his podcast that’s helped me with discipline is to not do what feels good, but to do what feels right. Often, we hear that we should “do what feels good,” but sometimes, discipline must be present even when we don’t feel like doing something. And when we don’t feel like doing something, it won’t always feel good to do it.

It’s a balance though, because listening to our bodies and gauging our present limits as best we can, is important. Our bodies feeling badly can be a telling sign that one needs to rest, for example.

But to not automatically drop what you’re doing just because it doesn’t “feel good,” I believe is important. Maybe you feel a little bored or a little tired while working on a task, but instead of giving into those feelings and taking the route of comfort, ask yourself if it feels right.

The discipline and clarity of one’s goals that comes as a result of asking that question is incredibly valuable, and it’s helped me achieve more focus and progress with what I wish to accomplish.

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