Tasos Sangiotis

March 4, 2021

Snow Mask

On the snowiest day of the forever sunbathed Athens suburbia, I watch a boy cry about sand in his shoes.

Little dude and his parents made the beach with masks and all the riches to enjoy the rare phenomenon. A pair of girls watch their dog joyfully jump around the kid. 

They nod at us as we smile at the adorable affair.

We walk a bit to be greeted by untapped snow. I slide a bit and my feet stick in the ground. Now my feet are full of sand. 

With frozen hands and just a coat I don't have what it takes to stay outside for long, however it has been a while since I've been excited for it.

The city can't handle it either.


Parts of it without power for days and people can't leave their house. Everyone is on edge. Ambulances try to reach people in need and workers from all over Greece are pulled in Athens to help fix the damages. 

As the day fades, the greatest snowfall of recent times goes with it.

I went outside and saw another family play.  A gentleman with a hat nodded to them as he disappeared in the night.

About Tasos Sangiotis

An electrical engineer at Arpedon with a broad range of interests from electrical, to mechanical & automation. Photoshooter, runner and a fan of good food & alcohol. You can also find me on Twitter, on LinkedIn, and on Instagram. If you choose to wander this wasteland do so with caution. Consider this your final warning.