Tasos Sangiotis

December 30, 2021

Milos – Sea, See, Eat, Drink

While in love or alone, Milos is a place to enjoy the sand and sun. Bellow are some musts from my visit. I will not bore you with the unpleasant or meh experiences. Only with the great and there were many. Sea First order of business about a week before your trip, book a boat toor. Before you book watch the weather for the best possibl...
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March 4, 2021

Snow Mask

On the snowiest day of the forever sunbathed Athens suburbia, I watch a boy cry about sand in his shoes. Little dude and his parents made the beach with masks and all the riches to enjoy the rare phenomenon. A pair of girls watch their dog joyfully jump around the kid. They nod at us as we smile at the adorable affair. We walk a bit to...
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