Tasos Sangiotis

January 22, 2022

The Nemean Lion and its Wine

Start of December we visited a winery.

I have been to distilleries and breweries but wine making has not made me drunk yet.

Arriving at such facilities makes you aware of how much vines are needed for wine.


Nemea is the place where the first Labor of Hercules took place. Myth has it that Hercules was sent to slay the Nemean lion which terrorized the hills and bring back it's skin.

Beyond that Nemea is known for its excellent wine. It is arguably Greece's most important red-wine appellation. There is a long tradition of winemaking in the area mostly from the local Agiorgitiko grape that can produce grate variety of wines.

The hostess at Govas Winery was a chemical engineer with deep knowledge of the process and tradition. 

We took a tour of the estate and after that we tried many of the plant's products with great cheese and meat pairings.

I would recommend to visit a winery once. If you like wine you may appreciate the process more if you know how everything is done.

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