Zoltan Flamis

March 31, 2021

Keyboard Shortcuts

I like keyboard shortcuts. They are useful, they are helpful, you are more efficient using them.

But sometimes there are too many shortcuts, sometimes hard to remember the shortcuts, sometimes there are funny key combinations...

I like when an helps me using and remembering those shortcuts. HEY is one those apps. Every button contains the shortcut. What a great idea! You just look into the button and instead of click on it, just use the shortcut. And of course you will remember it after a while.

Other helpful trick in these days, when you push the question mark, most of the website/app shows you the shortcuts they have. This is the second best option. Instead of click on that button, press ? and see what is the shortcut, I guarantee you will learn it sooner or later.

Yeah, I like using shortcuts, like them a lot, but there was an app, I just couldn't do it: gmail. Have you tried the ? trick on gmail? OMG! Two pages of complicated shortcuts, hard to remember, hard to even read. Not simple enough for me, sorry.

If you make an app, don't forget those shortcuts and the ? trick. It helps people like me, who like shortcuts.

Here are some examples (hey, twitter, github and gmail):