Andrew Huth

May 2, 2021

Book insights: The New CSS Layout

Like many software engineers, I've long used CSS flexbox. I'm less familiar with grid, even though it seems straightforward. So I picked up Rachel Andrew's The New CSS Layout to learn more. Key insights • How multi-column layout works • How flexbox works • How grid works • Participating in the CSS specification How multi-column layout ...
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April 28, 2021

Book insights: The Catalyst

The sub-title of The Catalyst, by Jonah Berger, is "how to change anyone's mind". Which sounds sleazy. Fortunately, it's really about influencing people in positive ways. For example, to improve their health, or to get onboard with a work project. Key insights • People prefer autonomy • People love what they already do • People hate un...
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April 27, 2021

Book insights: Mismatch

A colleague recently recommended Mismatch by Kat Holmes, which is about inclusive design. I work on web accessibility, and I usually think about inclusion in terms of web sites. But it could apply to any type of design and engineering. Key insights • Create many ways to participate • There are many challenges to inclusion • Inclusion a...
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March 23, 2021

My software engineering reading list

After reading Four books professional developers should read, by Phil Eaton, I was inspired to write my own software engineering reading list. Originally I thought of this as a “staff engineering” reading list, because I wouldn’t have appreciated these early in my career. When starting out, my reading was about using Ruby on Rails, HTM...
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