Michael Schechter

June 3, 2023

Introducing Behind BOSS (and BOSS Logics Connect)

Note: This post is a little heavy on self-promotion, but it would mean a lot if you gave it a read and let me know your thoughts. 

One of the great joys from my time at Gemvara was working with software engineers to conceptualize and create new possibilities to improve a customer’s jewelry buying experience. Engineers love to solve problems. Jewelers have no shortage of these challenges. And I love working with both of these groups to slowly but continually improve how we all buy and sell fine jewelry. It’s an usual passion, but it’s definitely mine.

I’ve spent most of my professional life trying to figure out how technology can help the industry I love. Anyone who has ever gotten me talking about this subject… well they get an earful. I love talking about it. I love writing about it. I love the work. And even though it is often difficult and frustrating, there’s nothing better than seeing emerging technology actually help my friends in the traditional jewelry world.

Over the coming weeks our team at BOSS Logics are launching our first ever retail-focused offering and I will be periodically sharing some behind the scenes looks here. To an extent, it’s self promotion (always good to say the quiet part out loud), but more than anything, I want to share what really goes into creating and launching new software as it is often opaque to most jewelers. 

One of the reasons I went to work at BOSS Logics (aside from the confidence in our team’s ability to build solutions) is the radical openness shown by our CEO and Founder, Zach Lipsky. Building software is hard work. Building the trust needed with your partners to build the right software… much harder. So, I asked Zach if I could test the limits of that openness. Share not only my perspective on the industry and technology, but give behind the scenes insight into how we approach creating software. Especially the challenging pieces that often make it difficult for jewelers and technologists to help one another.

I’ve spoken of the benefits of starting small, and we are taking that advice to heart. We’ve been working with a few of our jewelry and technical partners to identify problems that need solving. Areas where jewelers may have found workarounds, but don’t have great options. First up: improving a customer’s experience requesting information on a retail jeweler’s business and products. We’re calling it BOSS Logics Connect. 

Counter intuitive as it might seem in a world obsessed with ecommerce, driving leads from a website to a store is the key for traditional jewelry brands and retailers. I believe it’s the most critical and underutilized aspect of any traditional jeweler’s digital experience. After looking at far too many jeweler’s websites, no one has a great solution here. Sure there are tools like Calendly and Typeform, but they’re generic and don’t consider the needs of jewelers. And (and I apologize for saying this to anyone who did the actual work), they’re usually poorly implemented on jewelers websites. This creates a cumbersome first impression and doesn’t help the jeweler or their customer as much as it could.

Not only is this a problem we can solve at BOSS Logics, it’s one where we have a unique perspective on how to best bring a customer over from your website and into the store (where you currently offer your best experience). If you have time during the JCK show, it would mean the world if you would schedule time with me or our exceptional team to come take a look at BOSS Logics Connect (via BOSS Logic Connect’s new scheduler, of course). We have something new that we are confident can help you (and are offering an especially generous trial period for those who sign up for our early release at the show). 

We are excited to launch something new with a focus on our retail friends. I hope you give it a try or at least follow along to learn more about what it takes to craft technology that helps jewelers. 

Hope to see many of you in Las Vegas!

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