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June 21, 2024

Portico Darwin: Fashion Friday!


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Happy Friday, and with the likely exception of a particular North Carolinian blog troll, many going into the weekend are asking themselves:

Oh, Portico, please tell us where you source your t-shirts!

If I must, and I'll even include a bonus fashion item at the end, one sure to thrill many.  

As always, there is no affiliate or commission bullshit attached to the product links.  

With that out of the way, let's take a dive into the deep end of my narcissism.  

Those who know me know my black T-shirts.  For a very long time now, it's been a foundation of my wannabe style, and it began - as I've probably mentioned - after I heard Giorgio Armani and Steve Jobs (navy T-shirt and black mock turtleneck, respectively) both say they mostly wear "uniforms."  In other words, rather than chew up a lot of time deciding what to wear, each found something stylish that worked in nearly all settings.

As I always say:  Good enough for Giorgio Armani, good enough for Portico Darwin. 

Plus, it was kinda-sorta legit for me:  I came across this during the Casa Integration heyday of the late 2000s and into the mid-2010s, and it is no exaggeration to say that by many weekends, I was too exhausted to want to put much effort into style.  But I didn't want to look like a hack, either.

So that's the thrilling origin story.  For years, I wore Banana Republic's Pima cotton t-shirts but their availability was always weird even pre-pandemic, and now?  I don't know what BR even is anymore - or where there's a store left.

What to do?  Follow the lead of the kids, and go fast.  To so-called Fast Fashion, because after some trial and error with other products (some cheap, others $50 and more), I landed on (and please avert your eyes,  Earth and social justice warriors):

H & M's Slim Fit Pima Cotton T-Shirt (Black)

Let me address the elephant Weissβier-belly in the room first:  Slim Fit?  It's probably my ego, but I prefer a large in slim fit, vs. medium (my actual size) in regular fit.  At least in these, and I really like the fit.

Better still is the quality of the material.  I seriously doubt this is made with the finest Pima cotton fibers, but no matter:  the fabric feels great and has enough heft.  The fit and finish are fine.

Oh, and did I mention this t-shirt costs $18 and is actually available (I'm looking at you, Uniqlo)?

Next up, long-sleeved t-shirts.  Of course there's a story here, too, and it's why I just mentioned Uniqlo. 

When are bags went missing on a flight to Milan in 2022, we attempted to rebuild with a visit to their flagship store there.  Among a few other necessities, I scored a Diamond Certified white long-sleeved t-shirt, with a chest pocket.  I figured it could serve a bunch of uses, a good thing, since I had nothing else to wear other than what we were buying at Uniqlo. 

But I hadn't owned a plain white long-sleeved t-shirt for decades, for whatever reason.  This Uniqlo piece changed that, and I came to see them as a real staple.

Alas, Uniqlo has what we will call an unstable supply chain, and I've never been able to source them since.

But screw them, because I've found something better.  While I still hate painting Jeff Bezos's fence, like my lounging hoodie, this comes from his Seattle monolith.


Everything I said about the H&M black tees can also be said here, including my fit choice. 

Actually, there are two differences.  The fabric is better (thick!) and these cost $15.

Out of sympathy for you, my dear reader, I will spare you the story behind the promised bonus fashion item.  Suffice it to say I wore these for a very long time, since my halcyon college days in Boulder where I learned all of the cool California kids wore them.  I eventually started wearing other things, but they are back, baby, and just in time for summer.

K-Swiss Classic VN

Like the shirts above, I like the classic and clean look, and their build quality borders on Diamond Certified.

Indeed, I doubt you can find better for $70.

Have a great weekend and please:  Go put some clothes on.


I was so moved by the passing of Willie Mays on Tuesday that I went to an open house the Giants held at Oracle Park yesterday.   It was held in part so people could pay their respects to a man who embodied the real SF.

It was one of the most moving things I have ever seen.  I spent most of my visit in tears, and the Giants simply could not have done a better or more tasteful job.

Inside, they had a numerical tribute, as well as books set out where people could write their memories.  Soon after the gates opened at noon, there was already a line to do just that.  Of strangers expressing gratitude to someone they likely never met.



This brief video (best viewed with sound on) I took captures the vibe nicely, if you're interested.  

The event was perfect, for a man who deserved nothing less.

Thank you for reading this newsletter.  


When it comes to clothing, I really like My Morning JacketHere they are with the Killer Z.

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