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January 24, 2024

Portico Darwin: Loungey



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Hello, and Happy Wednesday.

So many (fact check:  none) have said, "Portico, your recent posts have been brilliant, as usual.  But they've been a bit on the heavy side, and too political.  And gee, I'm just dying to know if you are still wearing the same loungewear that you documented so wonderfully a while back!"

It was actually on 25 July 2022, and, in fact, I have major changes to report. 

Wearing the new items as I write this, I can say both are big upgrades and at least Killer.  And when I say major changes I f'ing mean it, because as a layabout aficionado, I say with authority that there ain't nothing more major than one's choice of sweatpants, and the top to don with them.

I wish I could say I discovered both, but I did not - only the second.  The first I found on one of the few recommendation sites I find to have any credibility nowadays:   Wirecutter from The New York Times.  I have no affiliation with them, and my typical disclaimer:  I am not getting anything from anybody for making the following (or any) suggestions.

And I apologize if my picks aren't available in your size, or at all.  Indeed, I went to Wirecutter for advice because my previous go-to sweatpants were unavailable at Uniqlo.  There's a shocker.     

Without further ado or supply chain quips, I give you my new sweatpants and hoodie. 

Please try to remain calm.

Mack Weldon ACE Sweatpant

Wow - these are different, more akin to the fancy yoga pants I read about in magazines.  Whereas my wife and no doubt others used to wonder if I had a load of poop in my sweatpants, now all there is to consider is my barely-there old-man ass.   

But I digress - these are Diamond Certified, very well-made, loaded with pockets, and that fit?  "Tailored" is appropriate, but let me be clear:  They are supremely comfortable on the couch yet their looks make them fine sartorially for runs to the store for more Weissβier. 

And as I write this, Mack Weldon still had some on sale - they're great at $78, a bargain at $54.

Amazon Aware Men's Fleece Hoodie

It pains me to deem any clothes from Amazon as Diamond Certified, but I find myself tempted again.  As I've written about before, their clothes are often great values, and this time it's no different.  It's a cotton blend, which I normally revile and shun.  But I bought two anyway, and they are, in a word, comfy. 

The aforementioned blend is whipped up into a dreamy, downy fleece that lines the inside but is not too warm.  The outside has a traditional sweatshirt finish, and it all sums to something much more luxurious than it should be for $34.  Nice and long, too.  While they're not for the warmer months and/or hotter climes, these are the cat's pajamas when the weather is like SF's. 

There you have it:  an update on what to wear whilst Enjoying Life at home.  For the record, I ordered both the sweatpants and hoodie in medium, and both fit my body perfectly. 

Especially my barely-there old-man ass.


Another shout-out to Randy Shmee, who as I mentioned is a former colleague from my glorious days in London.  He provided a wonderful update on his life in an email to me, and it brought back a flood of memories.

A cool part is that not one, not two, but three readers are a part of those memories.  The second after Randy is George Valiant Walker.  You see, without George and his efforts, the big IT program for which I was responsible and directed from London, would have failed, full stop. 

And there was also new-ish reader Lara Mohair, who worked for my client, GE Capital.  On the finance side, Lara probably saw our billings, especially for T&E.  She still lived to tell about it.

Yet I've hesitated writing on the whole subject of my stint in London - there are almost too many highlights to document.  But I'll start by reminding Randy, George, Lara, and anyone else interested (there must be someone?) that this is where we worked, Randy for years, and some of us for months.

This is Sea Containers House, on the Thames and in the heart of London.  There was even a pub or seven nearby.

10 Seconds of Seriousness:  Holy shit, what an experience for a kid from Albany, NY.  I was 33 when this program got rolling in the Fall of 1997.

Thank you for reading this newsletter.  


If I could stomach Frankie Goes to Hollywood, their smash "Relax" would be good for today, but I can't, so forget it.  And we played my Diamond Certified Ultra Chill mix here on KLUF fairly recently, so that's out, too.

Instead, here's something new, and something built from the ground up for lounging. 

Here, on both TIDAL and Spotify, is KLUF:  Ambient.

For those not familiar with this type of music, it is nothing if not soothing.  The 20 hours I've compiled here start with the granddaddy of them all, Brian Eno, and his literal invention of the genre, Ambient 1:  Music for Airports.  There's a ton from fellow old-guardian Liquid Mind, but also new music from last year.

I do hope you'll give it a listen.  Assuming your loungewear is up to it.

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