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April 30, 2021

Portico Darwin: Introducing The Website

Lucky you, because today's post is mercifully shorter than many, because lucky us, we're driving to Mendocino today. 

I've put together a new website that is an extension of sorts from this blog.  There, you'll see some of the same material, but also some new/different stuff. 

For example, at my website, I have a number of playlists you can stream via Spotify (sadly, not in high res), and I also note some of the tech/services that I use personally and find to be at least Killer - like the music system I use at home, and the cellular provider I use (and love, especially for international travel).  And I'll sneak in a link here and there to things and people I find interesting - like a link for subscribing to the wonderful newsletter of Heather Cox Richardson (thank you for that one, Primo Harvey, PhD!).

Have fun and I hope you find it useful - I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new site, and would of course welcome your suggestions for improvements.

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I'll leave you with a blurb from my own private therapist, the insightful Paul Colaianni (his podcast was instrumental for me coming to terms with my wacky departure from TEECOM, among other mental health improvements):

"Don't judge yourself, unless you're being judgmental of others."   

Think about it.  But he then adds the wise caveat

"Yet be discerning about the people you spend time with.  Discernment does not equal passing judgment."

I'd like to thank the dreamy dreamer Elizabeth "Polly" Michaels for unintentionally inspiring me to put the website together.  Elizabeth seems to be under the delusion that I now have a platform and I should use it for good purposes.  Crazy, I know, but she is indeed a dreamer!

And safe travels to superfriend and literal superman, Andy Jones, and his rock star wife, the workplace wellness titan, Libby Baines Jones.  These two extraordinary specimens are moving to San Diego tomorrow.  They will both be missed, but I will especially miss Andy - his positive impact on me personally and professionally over the past 5 years is hard to overstate.  And my Man Cave will never be the same . . . but best of luck, guys - you are both great people and no doubt you're going to have great lives in SD.  

Thank you for reading this blog.

Today is a travel day, and what says "road trip" more than The Allman Brothers?  Here's their timeless live album "At Fillmore East", presented in high resolution for your listening pleasure.  

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