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February 15, 2023

Portico Darwin: It's Complicated


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As you might have noticed, I've recently been railing on extreme progressivism, or what I call The Psycho Woke.  A lot, and as recently as Monday.  It's because I am fed up with the mindless silo-ization of America, and the victimhood that comes with it.  Add a few dollops of the woefully ineffective left-wing madness I witness here in SF, and let's just say I've had enough of trivial identity politics, whatever its guise. 

But make no mistake (I'm looking at you, Great Retired Plaided One):  I remain as strident a progressive secular humanist as ever.  I can summarize by saying I still look with great envy at countries like Sweden and The Netherlands, for example.  Neither is perfect - far from it - but both operate mostly on logic and reason, with a view that a government's priority should be to build and preserve the public good for all.  To name 3 things, each provides efficient health care and education to all of its citizens, and both countries have rational gun laws (and for the record, each has essentially zero gun violence).

In other words, while I bemoan the crazy-town woke bullshit from my fellow Democrats, there can be little doubt Republicans offer something far more dangerous:  nothing.  Or worse:  ignorance.  So rest assured, a Super MAGA King I am not, although I do love the swag!

That's where today's word, nuance, comes in.  I define nuance as two (or more) things being true at once, to varying degrees.  To me, accepting nuance as a fact of life is the foundation for sensible discourse.  

And it's a word that certainly applies to addressing America's ills.  You see, nuance captures the reality that most Americans despise woke silliness and identity politics, while at the same time, want a continuation of a positive societal trajectory for people of color and women, and those that are gay, bisexual, or transgender.  Each deserves complete equality in every walk of life, full stop.  But Psycho Woke does not saying that make me or others.  Nor sign me or anyone up for adding more genders - a subject defined by science and fact, not empathy.

I also feel strongly that, in general, people want a return to "normal" politics:  no Trump, Marge Greene or George Santos, but maybe less AOC, too.  What are normal politics?  

Consider that it was the radical left-wing extremist Richard Nixon who as President signed the Clean Air Act and put into place the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), both in 1970.  That is akin to the Texas senator and Republican assclown Ted Cruz proposing a carbon tax today.

Yet, I think most Americans are nuanced enough to not like The Psycho Woke (just like Senator Cruz!), but at the same time, understand the need for a carbon tax (unlike Senator Cruz!).  More?  How about people are fine with responsible hunting but want fewer handguns and a ban on assault weapons?  And feel abortion is a terrible thing, but that it also should be legal (and rare)?  Or want homeless off of the streets, but not with their heads kicked in, and with a comfortable and safe place for them to rehabilitate, long-term if necessary? 

I think I've made my point.  Our future is not black.  It's not white.  It's gray, but a harmonious, soothing, and intelligent shade of gray, and not the beginning of darkness.

Or is that grey?  You see, even color is nuanced.  Which is why "Red" and "Blue" just won't cut it - and never can.


Well, my most recent post on The Psycho Woke brought 'em out of the woodwork.  Or is it the burlesque show?  Because check out the flesh:  the newly-minted Del Webb fangirl Lauren Ryder professed her love of go-go boots, and had the photo to prove it.

I am pro go-go boots!
And while I am not clear on his stance vis-à-vis go-go boots (especially the AARP edition), the young executive Kevin Monza was quite vivid expressing that another, different use of the word king makes him a bit uneasy.

 The “king” thing needs to go away.  I wanted to puke when LeBron crowned himself (during the Super Bowl). 

Lastly, famed multinational corporate insider Hunter Deuce gave us a peak behind the scenes at Mars, regarding the volatile M&M situation.

The cynic in me thinks this was all orchestrated by Mars, Inc. knowing it would generate publicity.

For the first and likely last time, I'll say this:  he's not crazy.  Because, in a startling turnaround:

My God, what is the matter with us?  Candy?  We're talking about fucking candy, and that is what is driving our public discourse?  CANDY will now be used to create a world where everyone feels like they belong?

That is way Psycho Woke and I don't think, I know:  I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

But for the record, I find the anxiety on Orange M&M's face to be triggering and I am starting a social media campaign to see that it's replaced with something less threatening to angst-ridden whack jobs like me.

Oh, wait:  I just learned Orange M&M is supposed to represent a "mental health advocate" (that's true).  I get it now, and presently feel much better that I can personally identify with a cartoon character. 

Yes, for the first time in years, I feel seen.

Thank you to any one that is reading this newsletter.


Nuance?  You want f'ing nuance?  Somehow not played to date yet here on KLUF, here is America's greatest musician Miles Davis and his beyond-Diamond Certified fusion masterpiece In a Silent Way.   

Is his trumpet playing on this album even real?  Yes - yes, it is.  What I find especially amazing is how fresh this recording - released in 1969 - still sounds now, almost 55 years later.  I hope you'll give it a listen and tell me if you think I'm wrong.

I was going to make a crack here questioning whether Sam Smith will have the same staying power as Miles Davis.  But I will let them speak for themselves. 

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