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January 26, 2024

Portico Darwin: It Was the Warren Commission


1 Minute Read + several podcasts

Disclaimer:  I've touched on this subject before, but it was two years ago, and there's plenty of new information that's come out since.  Plus, this subject is important.
Because did you know there was a time - and it was just 60 years ago - that fully 80 percent of American citizens trusted the US government?  Not just Republicans or Democrats - but all Americans.  Take a look.

But when did we begin to stop believing as citizens of the United States of America? 

One can point to many events, as I did in my original post, but the chart makes it obvious:  the wheels began falling off around the time of President Lyndon Johnson.

OK, his lies about Vietnam didn't help.  But I believe - and now more than ever - it was the public's ability to see through the veil of lies and conspiracy surrounding JFK's assassination that sent us into a morass from which we've yet to escape. 

And it began with the group chartered to definitively answer the question of who shot our Camelot, the Warren Commission

Yet look at the expressions on the faces in the photo above - it reeks of bullshit.  The more I learn about the woeful job these supposed stalwarts did, the more sick I become.  Go look it up - I did.  And while you're at it, dig deeper into Allen DullesThe Devil's Chessboard, indeed.

Next, and fast-forward to today.  Did you know that the federal government is still withholding over 15,000 documents on the matter?  Why?  What could possibly be in those documents that the public couldn't handle learning?

Well, what if the documents revealed conclusively that the CIA arranged for the murder of a sitting President? 

OK, OK - I can hear it now:  "Portico, this is nutty stuff, even for you.  From where do these conspiracy theories spring?"

To prove my sanity, I again turn to the world of podcasts, but this one is different.  This is a series (vs. the news podcasts to which I typically listen) and it's from director Rob Reiner and the journalist Soledad O'Brien.  How these two connected, I'll never know, but wow is this series Killer (no pun intended).

Here is a link to all of the episodes.  I found these hard to put down, if that makes sense, and they're just right for the weekend, at least when there's no football on.

Who Killed JFK? 

Do I think the general public has listened to Rob and Soledad, and know the CIA likely was involved in the murder of a president of the United States?  No.

But most of us, at least of a certain age, know something is not right here.


Well, judging by the flood of responses to my Loungey post, I can see I have attained my dream in life:  to be an influencer!  Who needs a job?  After all, and by my count, I think I might have moved TWO PAIR of sweatpants!

From André Aurich, recovering nicely from some fairly serious neck surgery:

Very timely blog. 

As you are aware, I will be lounging around the house a bit more than usual the next few weeks, so Rikki has been looking for some comfortable pants for me (unlike you, I need help with my fashion choices).  She also likes Wirecutter, so your review was not the only reason she ordered the same sweatpants that you recommended, but it definitely helped her in finalizing her decision. 

Thanks again for sharing your valuable opinions with the blogosphere.  Everyone (or at least one person) appreciates it.

I like what he did there on that last bit.

And even the cool SoCal fashion maven Andy Jones is in.

I expect your affiliate check is in the mail . . . I’m trying those fancy sweatpants you recommended. 

And, away from the world of athleisure, there was this:  A reader who doesn't even know himself.

Who is George Valiant Walker?

Here's a reminder.

Warning:  There will be some long, overly-detailed posts soon about the experiences that Randy Shmee, George, and I (and others) had during my stint in London.   I feel a series coming on . . .

Thank you for reading this newsletter.  And go Niners.


When this subject was covered previously, it was Trust, by Elvis Costello, that was featured here on KLUF.  Clever, but that was then.  Nor am I up on the Dead Kennedys, so that won't work, either.

Hmm.  I think the fear for a lot of Americans is that what's great about our country is largely an illusion. 

A Grand Illusion, one might even say. 

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