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Software Craftsman and Extreme Programmer. Currently shipping quality code at Futurice. Building proprietary software for a living and loving it as much as free and open-source software. Linux, Windows, and macOS user. Follow this blog for insights on TDD, BDD, DDD, mob programming, technical agility, lean software development, continuous integration, and delivery.

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March 24, 2021

Captain's Log - 2021.03.24

I updated my blog to Gatsby 3.0. It doesn't feel notably faster or different than the 2.0 version, but the new Fast Dev mode based on React 17 and a new image plugin are pleasant to work with. It's great to have major releases that don't take hours to upgrade. I've begun to advocate CSS Modules whenever I need to style websites. I know...
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March 6, 2021

Oh, Hey!

I set up a email account in the first wave when released, but it has been sitting without real use case since then. It seems like I have too much spare money in my hands, but what the hell? I genuinely enjoy the products and articles people at Basecamp put out regularly, so I'm happy to support them. If you haven't yet read the...
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