Pierre-Olivier Carles

December 1, 2021

Why should you care?

SPOILER ALERT: The most important paragraph is the Post Scriptum.
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For the rest of us...

Once in a while, we have to take care of ourselves too, right?

Digidust was co-founded in 2009, by Stephane Menoret and myself.

The agency was born in France, and from there, we grew a lot, covering almost any type of digital marketing service, including web design and mobile app development.

As the Internet and the social media space grew more complex, I decided that it was time for us to downsize and focus on what we were really good at:

Social Media Marketing.

We moved the agency to Florida and it took our business to another level.

It's amazing how the world has changed in a decade, so it's time for us to evolve again.

As an agency, it is crucial to keep pace with new market trends, and the unchartered challenges our clients are facing.

Yesterday, we launched a new - very simple - website that says exactly what we are good at.

It also means that we have discontinued many services that we were offering until today to focus on the secret of successful social media marketing: Strategy + Content + Reach.

It is the very first step of an entire makeover that will take place between now and next summer, as we refine our value proposition and explore new business models.

The new website is not completely final and probably still a bit buggy, but better done than perfect.
Feel free to send us your feedback if anything, we would love to hear from you.

PS: One more IMPORTANT thing...

You should definitely sign up for Digidust's Tactical Letters if you haven't done yet like dozens of our friends. It's 100% free and we don't send more than an email per week.

Everything you will read will help you with your social media marketing, from the news we analyze to the proven tactics we share, and the new features on different platforms you need to know about.

Check it here on Digidust's website.
You will thank me later!

Have a wonderful holiday season! 

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