Pierre-Olivier Carles

De mon parcours fait d’entreprises, d’investissements, de succès et d’erreurs, je tire des pensées personnelles que je partage ici, en français maintenant. Documenter ce voyage peut en inspirer d’autres, mais, à vrai dire, c’est d’abord à moi que cela apporte quelque chose.
November 30, 2023

Entreprendre entre dogme et pragmatisme...

Il ne vous a pas échappé qu'Elon Musk, sur scène et en direct, a littéralement envoyé les annonceurs qui boycottent Twitter, sur fond de ses déclarations jugées antisémites, se faire foutre avec un inéquivoque “Go f*ck yourself!". Nous aurions tous aimé voir la tête de Linda Yaccarino à cet instant précis. 😅 Et tous les observateurs so...
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November 14, 2023

IA : Suis-je trop optimiste ?

L’IA est trop souvent considérée comme une force destructrice qui va ravager les emplois de cols bleus (et vous vous trompez si vous pensez que les emplois de cols blancs seront épargnés). Mais nous devrions surtout considérer le potentiel de l’IA à améliorer la plupart de ces emplois. Sans vouloir paraître trop optimiste, je pense que...
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May 26, 2023


Nimbus Suspensions est clairement une société industrielle. Nous concevons et manufacturons des suspensions oléo-pneumatiques pour véhicules terrestres principalement, grâce à un staff technique hautement qualifié, un équipement de classe mondiale (qui nous ont couté un rein mais bon...) et les meilleures matières premières ou spéciale...
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May 19, 2023

Nimbus, une histoire de famille...

Comme beaucoup d’entrepreneurs, j’ai rencontré pas mal d’échecs plus ou moins douloureux, et aussi quelques réussites, notamment ces dix dernières années aux Etats-Unis. Je ne l’ai appris que plus tard, mais savoir que j’aimais passionnément ce que je faisais tout en gagnant très bien ma vie, rendait mon père très fier de moi. Et je cr...
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April 13, 2023

Faites de Twitter "votre chose"

En anglais, on dirait : "Twitter is my bitch!" Twitter a rendu public son algorithme, ce qui nous permet de comprendre comment les tweets sont classés et donc affichés par la plateforme. Si vous prenez Twitter au sérieux pour votre business, lisez ce qui suit. • Engagez des comptes de bonne qualité, en évitant le comptes spam et les bo...
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December 16, 2022

Faut-il une idée géniale pour se lancer ?

D'une discussion que j'ai eu il y a quelques temps sur l'entrepreneuriat, un éternel hésitant à se lancer me disait qu'il ne l'avait jamais fait parce qu'il n'avait pas d'idée. C'est une excuse, évidemment, et voici pourquoi. Si on devait tous attendre d'avoir une idée géniale pour se lancer, il n'y aurait pas beaucoup d'entrepreneurs....
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November 11, 2022

Une semaine dingue

Je ne vais pas vous faire l'affront de reprendre toutes les news un peu débiles de la semaine. Si vous êtes abonnés à mon email, vous êtes sans doute déjà au courant de l'essentiel. Non, je veux simplement partager un sentiment que j'ai rarement ressenti, et qui fait peut-être écho chez vous aussi. What. The. Fuck !!* * Je suis sûr que...
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October 27, 2022

Note de Service

[ 👇 English Version Below 👇 ] Cela fait trop longtemps que je n'écris plus, ou plus précisément, que j'écris partiellement et un peu partout. C'est à présent ici - et seulement ici - que je vais poster mes futurs articles. J'ai repris ci-dessous la nouvelle raison d'être de ce blog. Elle vous aidera à décider si vous souhaitez rester o...
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January 20, 2022

Coming from France, I co-founded my first company in the United States 15 years ago. I've learned a few things about doing business in this country, that I'd like to share with you. Here's a quick list for you 👇🏻 👉🏻 Opportunities are everywhere - The first thing you need to learn is "How to say No" to new opportunities. Making deals in...
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January 2, 2022

My Twitter story

Twitter is incredibly underrated. I want to share with you how my use of Twitter evolved during the last decade and how I saw it becoming great again. Hopefully, it will resonate with you and how you see the social network. In its early years, I found that place I was looking for without being capable of defining it. It was a very soci...
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December 18, 2021

Merry Christmas from jail...

I just wanted to wish all of you, your families, and your loved ones, a Merry Christmas. Yes, I know, we are not supposed to say Merry Christmas anymore, but Happy Holidays, but I never understood how you can hurt anyone's feelings with a thoughtful and honest positive message, so here I am. It's a bit early to say it, you're right, bu...
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December 1, 2021

Why should you care?

SPOILER ALERT: The most important paragraph is the Post Scriptum. Jump there right away if you are in a hurry! :-) For the rest of us... Once in a while, we have to take care of ourselves too, right? Digidust was co-founded in 2009, by Stephane Menoret and myself. The agency was born in France, and from there, we grew a lot, covering a...
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November 17, 2021

A pretty cool tactic for your stories

I know, I know. You haven't heard from me for a while. I try to write only when I have something to say, and to be honest, I didn't have much to share these last few months. I had the feeling that I was giving obvious marketing tips, so I became sick of it. That being said, there's a very simple trick that I love and I think it's total...
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July 26, 2021

Why small dairy farms vanishing are a global issue

Small dairy farms are really struggling to keep on operating. You should read this fair but sad article to understand what I'm talking about. And the current situation is a shame for many reasons: • These are family businesses, often operated by the same families for generations, and the social damages of putting these people out of bu...
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June 30, 2021

Why the email is the future of communication

I know, that's an unpopular opinion 🤷🏻♂🙂 The email is probably one of the oldest valuable tools the Internet has brought to us. Ray Tomlinson invented it in 1971, just one year after my parents invented me. I’m still looking for some causality between these 2 events. Fast forward to 2021, the Internet has become a paramount monster tha...
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June 21, 2021

"Be so good they can't ignore you"

Whether you call it marketing, personal branding, or even reputation, it starts with what you can bring to the table. I see marketing - and its different forms - as an accelerator that will grow whatever you are or you have to offer. It can make you or your brand very successful, and it can also throw you much faster in the dead pool. ...
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May 9, 2021

Lobster, cheese, friendship and retail…

A quick lesson learned today, talking about lobster, cheese, friendship and retail… I went to Miami this morning, to discuss Grilled Cheese Gallery’s marketing plan with Jeyffrey Thomson and Francesco Zampogna… and also because I love Brickell. I was working outside, waiting for the rush of lunch hours to cool down so we can have that ...
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May 1, 2021

Thank you for the hate

6am this morning, I’m having a coffee while reflecting on my journey as an entrepreneur, from day 1 in a small and depressing grey office in Tours, France, in 1996… to my backyard this morning in Palm Beach, Florida. It has not been an easy journey so far but I’d 100% do it again if I had a chance, just avoiding a few mistakes I made. ...
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April 22, 2021

Milk is good... for you and the planet.

Today is Earth Day. If you know me, you have seen me supporting many times Hart Dairy, a dairy company producing one of the very best milk in the United States. I advise that amazing company almost on a daily basis now, as it has started growing like crazy. I'd like you to do me a favor. Please spend 3:12 minutes of your time - I know ...
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April 18, 2021

A simple recipe for success

The reason you got to love what you do is that you have to do it A LOT to be successful. It’s not about blind hard work. It’s not about smart work either. It’s about the combination of both. Hard work without smart work is a trap. You get results so you think you’re on the right path to success but it doesn’t scale. Smart work without ...
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April 1, 2021

Algorithms are a plague

Most Social Media platforms' algorithms work the same way. They try to give users the content they will like so users stay longer on the platform and get exposed to more advertising. The way they define is some content is good or bad for you is based on people you follow and posts you engage with. (It's actually a bit more complicated ...
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March 23, 2021

Upgrade yourself on a daily basis

You have heard that often. “"If you're the smartest person in a room, you are in the wrong room."” The reason you have heard it soooo much is that it's true. And probably the best advice you can give to anyone. Most of us are worth what we know, what we have learned through experiences, what we are good at for someone else. What you kn...
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March 17, 2021

Try DND All Day

I'm about to share with you my best productivity secret. Well, actually, I just did in the title, but keep on reading, there's more. It's 2021, and the main entry point into any mobile app is Notifications. It means that, depending on what you do for a living, you can receive hundreds of them... and it's incredibly bothering. I've star...
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March 12, 2021

How to deal with a lack of motivation

I have been invited to a Clubhouse room to talk about Motivation. No, I won't tell you everything we said there, as Rooms always last too long. Yet, I'd like to share with you a parable I've used to make my point. Basically, I never had motivation problems. I know where I want to go, and the rest are just bumps on the road. Of course, ...
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March 10, 2021

Make your Social Media Healthy again

Ask Captain Obvious, and he will tell you how toxic social media can be. There was a time, though, when even Twitter was a great place to have respectful and meaningful conversations. Kind of hard to believe in 2021, I know... That being said, the toxicity of social media is largely exaggerated. It depends a lot on you and how you hand...
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March 7, 2021

Inspiration around the corner

If you need inspiration for greatness today, search no more and read this. Chan Hon Meng is the Chef and founder of Hawker Chan, a street-food restaurant in Singapore. What's so special about him, you're wondering? Chef Chan Hon Meng's street restaurant is a one-star Michelin, and that's probably the world's cheapest Michelin-starred m...
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March 6, 2021

What if?

I speak a lot about regrets, or, more precisely, about the importance of having no regret. When a wannabe-entrepreneur tries to figure out if he should start his project or not, he weights a bunch of criteria like the investment it takes, the fear of losing your current job and its reliable stream of stable revenues, the family or the ...
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March 5, 2021

Sharing some of my experience

If you speak French, I have been invited to The Crazytivity Podcast to share part of my journey as an entrepreneur. If you plan to move from France to the United States, and build your company here, there are probably a few of my mistakes you want to hear about so you can avoid these and make new ones 😁 The video is here and again, it'...
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March 4, 2021

Is it too late?

I've been blogging since blogs were a thing. Back in the days, we were not building audiences to then monetize them, we were simply sharing our knowledge, experiences, feelings. The Internet world was so much simpler... and nonjudgemental. A few weeks ago, Twitter has acquired Revue and I saw that as an opportunity to start my blog tur...
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