Robbie Maltby

June 2, 2021


We all want, nae, need to be part of something. We have our personal callings. We have our alone time, our own projects, our individualism and quirks. It’s all good. We need it all! You can’t have one (truly) without the other, or you do both a disservice.

I’m a big believer in individual creativity, but I’m also a big believer in the power of human connection. People get together all the time to connect. We set dates, make plans together, and generally feel better for it.

That’s all good, and it’s natural, but it’s not the reason for this post. I really believe it’s better to have a purpose for doing most things (maybe everything) and getting together to work towards a common goal couldn’t be more aligned with how I see it.

Colleagues are a way to create momentum towards whatever it is you want, whatever you desire, however you want to be, to feel, to express yourself - to feel connected. You’re in it together. You’re for one another...and like any good team you end up genuinely caring.



I’m part of one of those large teams today and it hasn’t felt as good as this for a long time. Don’t misunderstand, I’m still an entrepreneur at heart. I want to build things, have autonomy, and make my own way. It’s just I’m realising all this is accesible to us regardless of ownership, or the business setup. It’s available as long we know what we want, in any role, any job.

I was out bowling tonight with 15+ colleagues from our new marketing department and the energy was palpable. It’s undeniably fun to be back working with a team again, with support everywhere I turn.
This chapter feels like a good one, and despite some hard times (my late mum - god rest her soul) life seems to be pretty rosy. I’m enjoying having colleagues who I can call friends. It’s a lot of fun.

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