Sam Radford

February 16, 2022

Keep changing your mind

I’m a regular subscriber to The Economist. One of my favourite subscription features is an email each morning called ‘The World in Brief’. It’s a handy, short overview of the biggest news stories from around the globe, along with succinct commentary. In addition, each email closes with a quote for the day too. Here’s today’s:

Only stupid people don’t change their minds.

—Boutros Boutros-Ghali

It resonated because it chimes with what I wrote last week about never stopping to learn.

If we remain open to learning and growing, it’s impossible that we won’t find ourselves changing our minds.

One of my pet gripes is how we’ve turned what should be a positive into something negative. When a politician changes their minds, we tear them to shreds. But I want politicians to weigh up new information and be prepared to adapt their stance accordingly! 

Changing your mind—at its best—is a sign of strength, not weakness; wisdom not stupidity. 

We all know leaders who change their mind for political reasons rather than anything to do with learning and growth. But that doesn’t mean we should automatically treat change as bad, and we should be careful about mocking those who, when done for the right reasons, are prepared and open-minded enough to change their minds.

(How did I do? Did I manage to change your mind about changing your mind?! 😉)


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