Sam Radford

January 2, 2024

Saving our social sharing for the people we know

I read a post on Threads recently that instantly rang true. 

Hank Green said, ‘If I could give any advice to young people on social media it would be “share with your friends, not with the world.”’

He then added: ‘If you want to be someone who consistently makes content for the world, that is not a social experience, it’s a job.’

I agree with this. We’ve been coerced by social media companies into sharing beyond the natural boundaries of our social networks. But this is not good for us – it’s good for them. 

We should save our social sharing for the people we know. Actually know. Why does anyone else need to see it?

Interestingly, I think this shift has started. All the personal sharing my daughters do is with people in their true social networks. They limit their sharing more than I do! This feels much healthier. 

Personal information about what I’m doing, where I’ve been, what my family have been up to – that isn’t for everyone. Why do I think a bunch of people who follow me on Instagram – many of whom I have no idea who they are – should be seeing photos of me and my family? 

So, much as Hank Green says his advice is for young people, in many ways it’s us oldies who need it more! Well, me at least. 


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