Simon Kubica

Hey! I'm Simon Kubica, Aussie entrepreneur and co-founder / CEO of Index. I'm working with Christian to build a better way to plan and prioritize product roadmaps. Previously I was at Atlassian where I worked on Jira as well as new products and platforms. You can find me on X, LinkedIn, Reddit, and on my personal site.
December 23, 2023

Index + Y Combinator

It's official – after 5 years each at Atlassian and Canva, Christian Iacullo and I are starting our own company, backed by Y Combinator. Index will be joining the W23 batch in the Bay Area from January, adding to the small but mighty list of YC startups founded in Australia. 🦘🇦🇺 We couldn't be more excited to make our contribution to t...
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